So.. Why now?!

I guess if anyone ever reads these things they will end up wondering why now, after all of this would I begin to write a blog? Well I’ve ran out of options.. I need something.. I need some kind of escape, some way to get out of my head! And my friends and I have always talked about how the experiences in my life would probably make some kind of great read haha.

I’m not exactly going to start from the beginning, I’m kind of just going with the flow for a while and seeing where this takes me.

So I guess I will start with a brief introduction for those of you reading that have no idea. I’m a mum to a 6 year old girl, she’s amazing! The apple of my eye 🍎 although it hasn’t really been easy for us, we are definitely in a better place then we were. I live in the Wollongong area, which is great (at times) but I guess everywhere is the same, yeah? There is good and bad parts to everything. I live with and care for my almost 80 year old grandfather, so challenging sometimes.. I am also in a relationship of over 3 years with a man I love very much!

Other frequent topics will probably be sex, drugs and violence as they have played a sickeningly copious role in my life so far..

So! There is one thing I’m hoping to get out there even if it just reaches one person, I have a lot of experience behind me in making shit life decisions – lets be honest – hopefully my ‘story’ could potentially help someone!

So that’s a bit about the sitcho, but I will get into details and other things about them later on.

On a starting note 📝

I lay here realising the longer I lay here, the more I am refusing to get up, I have so much to do before I start work, dishes, washing, vacuuming, shower haha the list goes on and on.

I’ve been up and for a run already and let me tell you, it feels so much better to do things that make you feel good even if they are hard. Much better then doing drugs! I promise.

3 thoughts on “So.. Why now?!

    1. I love the support! Thank you. I hope it just makes at least 1 person aware that they can change their life. Being the best version of myself is the best thing I could have ever chose to do. 😊😊


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